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Service No.1 for any online consultation

  • Mobile App for iPhone & Android
  • Chat with instant messages
  • Video and audio calls
  • Technology: Linux Ubuntu, PHP 7.x, Bootstrap, YII2, PostgresSQL, Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android)

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LabHD and LabHD PRO

  • LabHD - Medical Analysis Aggregator and Finder
  • LabHD PRO - Online monitoring and analytics of the laboratory diagnostics market
  • Automatic data collection from sites on the Internet
  • Artificial Intelligence Data Classification and Analysis
  • Data-specific search algorithm
  • Online Market Monitoring: Analytical Reports and KPI
  • Technology: Linux Ubuntu, PHP 7.x, Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap, YII 2, PostgreSQL

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  • Your pregnancy and baby journal
  • Web
  • Mobile App for iPhone & Android
  • Technology: Linux Ubuntu, PHP 7.x, Zurb Foundation, AngularJS, Bootstrap, YII 2, MySQL, Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android)

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Service “Recognition”

Corporate online service for motivating employees of large and medium-sized companies:

  • “Recognition” allows HR departments to structure and serve the company's goals of the chaotic and spontaneous “market” of gifts, incentives, and collective events in the company.
  • A service where company employees can thank each other for help with points in a semi-game form. The received points can be spent on individual material gifts or collective events.
  • A service that allows financiers and accountants to keep an accurate mutual settlement between the legal entities of the group of companies and to correctly account for taxes for gifts.

The service is implemented by order of a large international corporation.

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"Ryadom" is a new domestic project, reminiscent of a bygone social network with photos and free support for small businesses!

Important differences from others:

  • GEOTARGETING for all events You not only see in your feed what's new nearby, but you can also tell about yourself to those who are nearby.
  • UPCOMING events and activities near you, so as not to miss them there is a reminder function.
  • MULTIPROFILE - the ability to manage several profiles under one account, for example, to run a personal profile and a business profile.
  • The built-in LOYALTY PROGRAM in the application for check-ins (QR code marks for visits) is perfect for a beauty salon, cafe, bakery, beauty master, workshops, and events, to attract new customers and subscribe to your profile for regulars.


A glossy online magazine that will be pleasant to browse and manage - this is how we envisioned "Ryadom" for you!

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AvtoPropusk is high technology at the border for customs control - a complex of technological solutions: central database, central management and monitoring system, automatic decision-making system, and throughput capacity balancer considering the workload of the checkpoint, mobile application for mobile groups.

AvtoPropusk is used at the Russian Federation border by customs authorities.

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